The Mameloshn


Betty Baxter, mayoral candidate in a small, midwestern city, seems to be the mother of an all-American, Christian family. Then her mother, Helene Cunningham, has a stoke while on an extended visit. When Helene comes home from the hospital, the family discovers that she can no longer speak English, but speaks perfect Yiddish.


Betty’s husband, Harold, a professor of history on sabbatical so he can write a book on the history of the toothbrush, learns to speak with Helene through a combination of high school German and what he is learning from The Joys of Yiddish. Betty and Harold’s sons, Eric and Zach, are fascinated by the chance that the family may be Jewish. They have even done research on But Betty, who knows more than she is saying, completely rejects any  such possibility.


Betty, who has been courting the Christian right with the help of her bright, young campaign manager, Dexter Hamilton, now has to rethink some of the personal compromises she has made to win the election. At the same time, Helene needs to find a way to come to terms with her past.


The family is armed with love and a gift for finding humor in difficult situations. Will Betty learn how to run a successful campaign without compromising her ideals? Will mother and daughter grow closer? Will the family become stronger or be torn apart?